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This isn’t your average piano performance of a song. Brendon plays “This Is Gospel” on a piano with all kinds of distractions. The forecast is sunny with a chance of meatballs…and rubber ducks…and glass bottles…and more.

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girls love girls and boys
and never did i think that i
would be caught in the way you got me
but girls love girls and boys

drop everything P!ATD just released a bisexual anthem this is NOT A DRILL

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I’d turn around when I didn’t have to sing and get choked up. I couldn’t even believe I was playing that song without my buddy. I was choking back tears in between songs. It was the toughest thing for him to leave tour, but I knew he needed time to figure that stuff out, the stuff I couldn’t understand. It really broke my heart.

Brendon Urie on performing “This is Gospel” without Spencer (Alternative Press 11/13)

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This Is Gospel (8-bit)
Panic! At The Disco (x)

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